Merusal wash textile detergent

5 litres
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Merusal wash textile cleaner

5 litres

Detergent for EMS vests and pads.

Merusal wash is an antimicrobial textile cleaner concentrate specially developed for gentle cleaning of delicate and demanding textiles. It is recommended for cleaning e.g. sportswear, EMS sports equipment and textiles, which can only be washed cold.
Merusal wash is characterized by its good material compatibility and fights the cause of bad odors.
Merusal wash is registered as a biocidal product with the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (baua) in accordance with the Biocide Act.


  • antimicrobial concentrate
  • fights the cause of bad odors
  • mild cleaning of textiles
  • temperature range: cold to 20 °C
  • hand wash & machine wash
  • conductivity improvement for EMS suits up to 80%

Advantages over common detergents

  • Listed as biocide / Registration number: N-53274
  • Low mechanical stress on the textiles, as they are only soaked.
  • Tested for a long time and has good results for vests and suits
  • Low risk of allergies
  • A few components have been used in medical reprocessing for a long time
  • Fights the cause of bad odors

Easy handling, as the reprocessing process can be easily integrated into the daily routines, i.e. no times during which trainings can be given need to be blocked for washing.

Scope of delivery
5 litre canister of Merusal wash

The product may differ from the illustration. Use disinfectant carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.

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