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Merusal fresh disinfectant 10 litres

Merusal fresh disinfectant

10 litres
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Merusal fresh disinfectant

10 litres

(without foam spray head)

All in one
Offer your customers the optimum in hygiene. Disinfect their training waistcoats, pads and equipment with Merusal fresh so that your customers no longer get into the sweaty waistcoat of their predecessor.

Why Merusal?
Common hygiene products for quick disinfection (like Sagrotan) consist of environmentally harmful aggressive aldehydes, phenols, ethanol/alcohol.
They damage the material and are also not very healthy for the trainers who work with them every day, as well as for the clients.
Merusal fresh is especially designed for EMS sports.

  • ready for use
  • alcohol-free
  • aldehyde and phenol free
  • high grease dissolving power
  • material-friendly
  • pleasantly fresh scent
  • VAH listed
  • high cleaning effect
  • short application time
  • also suitable for acrylic glass
  • Foam disinfection
  • Spray disinfection

Merusal fresh is an alcohol-free, ready-to-use preparation for disinfecting and cleaning your EMS waistcoats and pads and surfaces of all kinds. Merusal fresh is particularly suitable for alcohol-sensitive textiles and electrodes. Your current-conducting pads and cable connections are not attacked by alcohol.
Merusal fresh contains no alcohols, aldehydes or phenols. Merusal fresh conveys a pleasant fresh scent.

Spray the waistcoats with Merusal fresh after training, let it work for 1-2 minutes and then spray again as usual with water for EMS training.

»In our studio, we spray the pads and waistcoats briefly with Merusal fresh foam after every training session. It penetrates quickly and disinfects the waistcoats immediately. That’s all there is to it. Our clients are very happy to have the feeling that they are always wearing disinfected waistcoats.«

Katrin de Wolff, bodytec ibiza

Chemical and physical data:

  • clear, colourless solution
  • Registered as a biocidal product with the baua (Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) according to the Biocide Act.
  • According to the biocide guideline: Rapid disinfection and cleaning of all kinds of surfaces sensitive to alcohol.
  • Odourless quick disinfection and cleaning of all kinds of surfaces, also suitable for acrylic glass. Merusal fresh has good grease dissolving properties and is therefore also particularly suitable for solariums.
  • Merusal fresh with a pleasant fresh scent
  • Due to the aldehyde-free formulation, discolouration on the treated surfaces after application of Merusal fresh is almost impossible.

Wet the surface to be disinfected completely and keep it moist for the duration of the exposure time. After the exposure time has elapsed, wipe with a disposable cloth if necessary.

Spectrum of action and contact time

  • bactericidal incl. MRSA, levurocidal (C. albicans) acc. to DGHM/VAH concentrated 1 min.
  • Effective against all enveloped viruses incl. vaccinia,
    BVDV, HBV, HIV, HCV, influenza/flu viruses
  • (limited virucidal according to RKI recommendation) concentrated 30 sec.

100g contain:

  • 0.50 g Alkylbenzyldimethylammonium chloride
  • 0.25 g Didecyldimethylammonium chloride

Special notes

  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water, also under the eyelids.
  • Waste and containers must be disposed of in a secure manner.
  • Use disinfectants safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Expert report
Dr. Steinmann, virologist, Bremen:
Expert opinion on effectiveness against vaccinia viruses
Expert opinion on effectiveness against BVDV

Scope of delivery
10 litre canister Merusal fresh
The Merusal foam spray head (not included in the price) is available in our shop as an accessory.

The product may differ from the illustration. Use disinfectant carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.

Net price (excl. VAT): € 69.00
Gross price (incl. VAT): € 82.11

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